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M○C△ has launched V1 of its Self-Expression Oracle and the Member’s Pass. These systems allow collectors to curate their NFTs as they see fit and easily share them with whoever they’d like via social media.

Discord integration with Collab.land is currently in the process of being implemented. This will allow users to directly query profiles and tabs and share them in community chatrooms.

Direct links to member profiles, specific tabs, and specific NFTs:

Activating NFTs

NFTs must be activated in order to be attached to a member profile. There is a daily limit of 10 activated NFTs — this mechanic ensures quality and allows us to burn $moca. …

As M○C△ grows and further establishes itself as a centralized destination for those interested in digital art, it will evolve to meet the needs of artists, collectors, and members. The first iteration of M○C△ member profiles are a demonstration of the utility of $MOCA and the tools that will allow members to create and interact with the community.

Briefly, the member profile will allow for:

-The aggregation of NFTs in various media formats (audio, video, 3d models) for display within a member profile (brought into the platform by the user themselves)

-Individually curated tabs containing any combination of pieces from…

As the flow of history reshaped the world, this was reflected in the status and nature of museums. Museums are “a way to organize time and space…as times and spaces change, so do museum spaces.” (Steyerl, Duty Free Art) The challenges faced by museums, historically, are not necessarily relevant to contemporary discussions of the same. Just as the challenges faced by museums a century ago were wildly divergent from their forebears. It is a delicate and unending dance, finding a proper place where change is the only constant.

Contemporary art and modern museums have long been freed of traditional physical…



The Genesis Collection is a subset of the M○C△ Permanent Collection that will allow for one artwork per artist who was a positive contributor to the NFT space prior to December 2020. The Genesis Collection is meant to be inclusive, broad, and representative of early creators of crypto art.

Only collectors will be able to contribute artwork to the M○C△ Genesis Collection.

Works are vetted for admission to the Genesis Collection by a 9-person Artist Council comprised of Sparrow, Matt Kane, Osinachi, ROBNESS, arc4g, Sarah Zucker, Martin Lukas Ostachowski, Fabin Rasheed, and Hackatao. …

This piece is also available in Spanish (thank you Julian for the translation) here.

M○C△ is about pursuing and establishing sustainability, cooperation, creative freedom, and stability for artists in the crypto art scene. M○C△’s collaboration with Cryptoarg: as a homegrown collective of artists seeking to support, enrich, and uplift one another, there is a natural connection between this community and M○C△ and mutually shared values and aims.

Cryptoarg seeks to “change the rhythm at which crypto art is produced and consumed” (Quotes in this piece are taken directly from Cryptoarg artists who spoke at the Cryptoarg x M○C△ exhibition in…

This is a piece that has been translated into Spanish (thank you Julian): the English version can be viewed here.

M○C△ busca establecer e ir en dirección a la sustentabilidad, cooperación, libertad creativa y estabilidad para artistas en la escena del cripto-arte. La colaboración entre M○C△ y Cryptoarg: al ser una colectividad casera de artistas buscando apoyarse, enriquecer y elevarse lxs unxs a lxs otrxs existe una conexión natural entre esta y M○C△, así como valores y metas compartidas.

Cryptoarg busca “cambiar el ritmo en el que el cripto-arte es producido y consumido” (Las citas de esta pieza fueron directamente…

“To visualize the invisible is traditionally the main goal of art.”

“The reduction of the artwork to nothingness, to emptiness, to point zero, opens the gaze of it’s spectator to the artwork’s context.”

- Boris Groys

Yes, there is nothing there. But what is it? It’s a canvas, painted white. A canvas, unpainted. It is a work, erased, then framed. It is an empty frame, a blank screen, a transparent pixel. So what is “nothing?”

Walter Benjamin’s famed concept of art’s essence frames this particular pursuit: that which remains when all else falls away is the “aura” of a work…

Da Vinci’s simple but elegant study of a bear’s head (“Head of a Bear”) is a showcase of da Vinci’s perceptiveness and curiosity; one of a handful of studies on a bear that explore it’s appearance, anatomy, and motion. Hacakatao’s “Hack of a Bear” is an homage to and a commentary on the simple, elegant power of the da Vinci drawing and the collision between two pieces and two worlds half a millennium apart. …

The shortening of attention spans (despite being value-neutral) is a much fretted-over symptom of the digital age. Handwringing over a perceived lack of deep reflection is missing the point; the abundance of material at hand and the ease of access to media and content allows for unparalleled intellectual freedom and presents an entire world of opportunity to the enterprising autodidact. To look at the wealth of accessible information provided by the internet and digital platforms and call it generational intellectual malnourishment is to be an uncreative crank.

Art will conform to this explosion of information as it will simultaneously critique…


Museum of Crypto Art (M○C△) is the premier destination for crypto art and innovative collaborations that ignite our collective imaginations

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