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3 min readFeb 18, 2024


A Dissection of M○C△’s Visual Language

by Anubis3100

A Note on MOCA Sh☺w N☺tes

The importance of artistic foundations and institutions, new and old, is built on cultural integration. To me, this seems to be a never-changing fact. That integration emerges via validation from either the artists, the market, tastemakers, curators, institutions, or from sheer societal impact. In this ever evolving art space, the old and new, many paths eventually lead to Rome. The purpose of these Sh☺w N☺tes is to recontextualize a series of widely-used terms within the crypto and crypto art space to help strengthen the foundation of these still-forming paths. To embed the terms and ideals MOCA holds as foundational within a still emergent crypto art culture.

In 2023, I found myself delving into the fashion world from the peripheries, focusing on the concepts and ideas present within the many fashion shows, houses, and designers I observed. Through those explorations, I stumbled upon a breakdown of Virgil Abloh’s Louis Vuitton show “Amen Break,” including Abloh’s Show Notes 7 (links to both the video and Show Notes 7 are provided below). While my couture knowledge was and is still limited, it was very easy to recognize not only the impact of Virgil Abloh — the artist — on modern American and global culture, but also the impact and embedding of his writings, lectures, and notes on the upcoming generation and their growing cultural influence. Culture alone is one of the foundational pillars of human life and society. It cannot be studied or nurtured enough.

These Sh☺w N☺tes provided below are directly inspired by Show Notes 7. MOCA invites all readers, artists, and collectors present to peruse this work and ruminate on the impact of these terms. We also invite you to use, steal, remix, mangle, obliterate entirely, or share any of the terms provided below, especially ones that resonate with you in any facet of your work. This is for you.

- Anubis

Video breakdown of Show Notes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yo0djtEebhE

Amen Break’s Show Notes: https://d3uqg2ap1kpnl9.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/24193310/7_SHOW_NOTES1.pdf

Virgil Abloh’s archive: https://canary---yellow.com/archive/

foundation: the important building blocks developed by an artist for their visual language and practice
conceptuality: the spine of successful work. it can withstand questioning and does not rely on visual language.
sovereignty: the ability for an artist to do what they will, without limitation or outside influence
iconography: a recognizable symbol by the masses without context or outside information.
imagery: what they eye perceives, acknowledge, and interprets
medium: the tools and materials an artist uses to create their work

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