The Crux Tide 6: There Is No Beginning

2 min readNov 30, 2022

by Julian Brangold


There is no beginning

only experience,

through colored lines and ice

we birth into a world

we forget what we once knew

and pretend to begin again

but there is no beginning

I realized

while months quietly crumble

into ash

like our hours

like our days

we were set to find splendor

yet we were met with fear

of loss

of the limit

of separation


we once met

a star burnt at the tips

an unspeakable dream

the scream of giants

that which unbinds the dread

and clears the path

to realize

there is no beginning

only an ever withering flow

that cannot be stopped

the ruthless liquid

that escapes eternally

and pours through every hole

and is the light blue death

of a childish verbiage

that spelled untruths

and finally gave way

to the thought

that there is no beginning

there is no beginning

ᖶᕼᙍᖇᙍ ᓿS ᘉᓎ ᙘᙍᘜᓿᘉᘉᓿᘉᘜ

(⋑˵💮 ω 💮˵)⋑


(⋑˵💮 ω 💮˵)⋑


(⋑˵💮 ω 💮˵)⋑


(⋑˵💮 ω 💮˵)⋑


(⋑˵💮 ω 💮˵)⋑




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