The Concept of Qualia: A Sitdown with Claire Silver

CohentheWriter Interviews the AI Art Virtuoso

CryptoPunk 1629 (2017) by LarvaLabs. In collection of Claire Silver
The Interrupted Reader (2020), by Claire Silver. Digital. AI.
The Blue Girl (Qualia) (2019), by Claire Silver. Digital. AI.
Page 418 (2022) by Claire Silver. From series “AI Art is Not Art” In collection of 9617B3
Renaissance Renaissance Renaissance (2021) by Claire Silver. Edition of 12.
Still from the fisher king (2021), by Claire Silver. Minted upon request for Cozomo de’ Medici
Complicated (2021), by Claire SIlver. In collection of Cozomo de’ Medici
1629 (2021), by Claire Silver. In collection of monk36kfu



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