ROOMs are an important early puzzle piece of the metaverse that will bring a growing audience the grand aesthetic possibilities of architecture, and new social experiences around Crypto Art.

FLOOR & ROOM Concept
Generation-1 ROOMs created by architect UntitledXYZ. “Order” can be represented through spatial patterns, grids and predictability. “Chaos” on the other hand can be represented through distortion, labyrinths, and disorientation.

Acquiring ROOM is a simple, predictable, and scalable process that relies upon FLOOR:

FLOOR are blueprint NFTs with a single attribute: Slot number. For example, if a FLOOR has 8 Slots, it can be redeemed for a ROOM that also contains 8 NFT Slots. Once we launch FLOOR, anyone will have the ability to generate a randomized FLOOR token by bidding on it, starting an open, 24-hour auction. Only a single FLOOR auction can occur at one time, ensuring no more than a few hundred possible ROOMs can be created in a calendar year, preserving scarcity. The highest bidder will receive that FLOOR token, which they can then redeem for a ROOM of their choosing, burning their FLOOR in the process. Subsequently, owners of that ROOM have autonomy over not only which NFTs are displayed or how often they change (with gas fees totally covered by M○C△), but also over the ROOM’s API. Owners can do whatever they want with their space. It’s theirs.

ROOMs can become Crypto Art cultural centers, and personalized places where collectors, communities, and undiscovered projects can gather to share, learn, and connect.

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