M○C△ Economic Model

5 min readMay 25, 2021


The M○C△ Economic Model reflects our commitment to empower artists, technologists, collectors, and strategic partners. It encourages collaboration to make a lasting generational impact.

We seek to grow an inclusive community and invite a sense of shared stewardship.

The following text explains how M○C△, a public good, will become the epicenter of crypto arts and culture.

Who is M○C△ for?

Art and Culture Aesthetes

M○C△ invites all to experience the stories that are defining art and digital ownership. Members will be able to socialize with artists, immerse themselves in online cultures, art installations, and experiences throughout the M○C△verse, while participating in the curation of the Permanent Collection.

Artists and Collectors

M○C△ aims to bring financial empowerment and freedom of choice to artists. Digital artists expand our notions of what is possible within the crypto community and beyond and should be the sole beneficiaries of their work. Collectors enable artists to grow their practice and push boundaries.

M○C△ facilitates these positive feedback loops, allowing all artists and collectors, well-known and emerging, to create and amplify their stories.

Crypto Projects

When artists are in dialogue with new technology, they observe gaps and potential growth in a way that reflects their outside perspective. Blockchain companies will benefit from the ingenuity and creative mindset of artists.

M○C△ will work with artists and companies to encourage cooperation on emerging technologies. Through these efforts, we will establish new collaborations within NFTs, DeFi, and virtual worlds.

Core Objectives

We have four objectives:

(i) Ensure foundational moments and artifacts are presented truthfully for a decentralized community

(ii) Engage with digital art that represents web 3.0 culture and values

(iii) Incubate artistic expression between artists, technology, and the blockchain

(iv) Invite other collectors and crypto institutions to contribute to and experiment with M○C△


$MOCA is a governance and curation tool for the Museum.

$MOCA has no economic value; it is a governance token used to oversee M○C△. It has no claim on financial rights.

Ownership of $MOCA is influence in decision-making processes. $MOCA enables participation in the curation of the Permanent Collection and submission of proposals for exhibitions. As the platform develops, $MOCA will offer tiered membership rewards and interactive social layers. In the long-term, $MOCA will lead our transition from a single curatorship to a quasi-DAO to a full DAO.


  • 50% Permanent Collection Acquisitions
  • 20% Team
  • 10% Private Sale
  • 10% Ecosystem Fund
  • 5% Airdrop
  • 5% Staking

Fair Distribution

Each token holder is a member of M○C△. $MOCA distribution will recognize and respect early creators and collectors. Each year of a user’s interaction with OpenSea before December 2020 entitles them to a fixed amount of tokens. This equitably distributes tokens to 30,000+ individuals and gives them increased influence over our evolution. The token incentives long-term holding through staking and voting.

M○C△ Evolution

M○C△ will evolve in six initial phases:

Phase 1: Genesis Collection

The Genesis Collection is the first subset of the Permanent Collection seeded with 160 crypto artworks from 160 artists. The Genesis Collection honors artists who pioneered crypto art and redefined digital ownership.

Other collectors are invited to contribute artworks to the Genesis Collection in exchange for $MOCA. Works are vetted by a 7-person Artist Council and a 7-person Collector Council. In time, the vetting process will be turned over to the DAO.

In order to remain objective with exchanges, we have contracted NonFungible.com to produce valuation reports. Contributors to the Genesis Collection will have their $MOCA tokens vested over a three year period.

Phase 2: Permanent Collection

The Permanent Collection includes all artworks contributed to the Museum by artists and collectors. It is a collaborative on-going project for the community. Artworks in the Permanent Collection will never be sold.

The Permanent Collection will be open to submissions from all artists and collectors. Exchanging art for $MOCA provides artists and collectors a voice in the trajectory of M○C△.

Initially, while the Artist and Collector Councils determine acceptance into the Permanent Collection, M○C△ will decentralize this process as technology improves.

Phase 3: Exhibitions

For 2021, we are planning a series of art exhibitions throughout the Metaverse. These installations will live across digital worlds. The designs will not be limited by physical realities or conventional gallery aesthetics. The exhibitions will focus on specific themes, stories, and cross-cutting narratives while seeking to define crypto art and provoking discourse within the community.

Phase 4: Museum Wings

Museum Wings are bespoke offerings available to collectors with significant $MOCA holdings. M○C△ will design spaces honoring influential voices in the crypto art world. Museum Wing owners are offered the resources of the Museum including cooperative curation, exhibition design, and promotion through social channels.

Phase 5: Community Galleries

M○C△ Community Galleries are tailored platforms that will create visual narratives for blockchain companies. These curated crypto art showcases will develop brand recognition, increase clout, and ensure prominence in an emerging web 3.0 landscape.

Community Galleries will be auctioned off periodically. Interested parties will bid using $MOCA tokens. The M○C△ team will work with winning bidders to design and build event spaces. The Museum will offer live streamed events and develop innovative artistic engagement within Community Galleries.

Phase 6: M○C△ Experiences and Curation Platform

M○C△ Members will have an opportunity to curate the Permanent Collection around themes of their choosing. This will allow for deeper engagement in our leading community collection by encouraging exploration and individual creativity. Through a unique curation, an individual will get to design experiences that reflect their values and ideas. M○C△ Experiences will empower members to share their novel, interactive, and artistic expressions.


Our economic design is dedicated to providing the infrastructure for a crypto art Museum that is interactive and customizable on an individual level. M○C△ is a foundation for crypto culture that is pioneering artistry and democratic curation.

M○C△ requests your support, ideas, and participation.




At the crux of a digitally-native creative space, The Museum of Crypto Art (M○C△) preserves history, elevates artistry, and ignites decentralized culture.