How-To: Member’s Pass and Activating NFTs

4 min readSep 16, 2021


M○C△ has launched V1 of its Self-Expression Oracle and the Member’s Pass. These systems allow collectors to curate their NFTs as they see fit and easily share them with whoever they’d like via social media.

Discord integration with is currently in the process of being implemented. This will allow users to directly query profiles and tabs and share them in community chatrooms.

M○C△ Member’s Pass

Direct links to member profiles, specific tabs, and specific NFTs:

Activating NFTs

NFTs must be activated in order to be attached to a member profile. There is a daily limit of 10 activated NFTs — this mechanic ensures quality and allows us to burn $moca. This demand on our utility layers will increase deflation of the $moca governance token.

To activate an NFT, open the M○C△ dapp and navigate to “Member’s Pass.” Click “Activate NFTs” on the top right of the Member’s Pass. Sign the gasless tx on Polygon to activate the asset and trigger the cooldown. If a user is activating a substantial number of NFTs it is important to do this regularly (otherwise the cooldown will be somewhat prohibitive — the sooner the cooldown starts the sooner the next NFT can be activated).

Occasionally M○C△ will run promotions that allow for activation of NFTs from a given project without daily limits or cooldowns. The first promotion is currently happening with POAP. Promotions can be accessed via a link found on the top right of the Member’s Pass.

Starting the Member’s Pass

After activating the initial NFTs in a Member’s Pass users can move on to filling out their profile and connecting social media accounts.

Users can edit their profile (select “Edit Profile” on the top right of the Member’s Pass) and select a nickname. Members can chose from ENS (Ethereum Name Service) names or choose another nickname through an attached OpenSea profile. In the Profile Settings window, users will see options to select an avatar from their collection of activated NFTs. Below that is an option to fill out a short biography. Below that is an option to link social media accounts (currently that means Twitter and Discord).

Member’s Pass Profile Settings

After creating and establishing a profile, users can start curating and organizing their works using tabs. Tabs are sections on a user’s profile that can be used to curate and categorize activated NFTs. The two default tabs are labeled “Cryptoart” and “Reputation.” The Cryptoart Tab is automatically aggregated into the M○C△ community collection.

In the default version users have the ability to curate 3 custom tabs in addition to the “Cryptoart” and “Reputation” tabs around themes or ideas of their choosing, with space for 10 NFTs in each tab.

M○C△ Ranks and Perks

If a user doesn’t own any $moca the amount of tabs available and the number of NFTs that can be grouped into a given tab are limited. As a user increases in rank it will increase the number of available tabs and the number of NFTs that can be added to each tab.

The most vital information regarding ranks and perks are outlined in the Twitter thread below. Users will need M○C△ Points to climb the rank system. The most efficient way to accrue M○C△ Points is to provide liquidity on Quickswap and stake LP tokens into the official staking farms (these are found in our dapp:

The Leaderboard

The M○C△ dapp contains a Leaderboard that lists community members according to their M○C△ points. Member’s Passes of the highest ranked community members on the official leaderboard tend to be worth exploring and are found here:

M○C△ Leaderboard

Now…go, have fun!

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