Everyone has Access to Dall-E2, and My Art is Still Better: A Sitdown with Karan4d (Part 3)

CohentheWriter chats with the Generative Artist

Theoxeny (2022), by Karan4d
Marni (2022), by Karan4d and swad.0, unminted
Still from Development of a Sakura Field (2022), by Karan4d, in collection of Bryan Brinkman

But if I’m alone, and I’m talking to my NLP model, I’m not alone anymore. And so to not add any fuel or fire to this whole sentience debate, because I do stand with people saying this guy is cap, you’re not alone when you’re with an AI. That’s something! You’re with something! Sentient or not, so might as well give it a name, I don’t know. That’s where that came from.

Pure Liquidation (2022), by Karan4d



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