Announcing the Community Ladder

M○C△is excited to introduce a monthly reward system focused on giving back to NFT communities and users who enthusiastically engage with the Museum’s ecosystem.

Activating NFTs on will reward communities! From now until December of 2022, we’ll be distributing 100,000 $MOCA tokens (roughly 1% of the total supply) to project treasuries, providing instant utility and rewards for their members. With these monthly $MOCA airdrops, we hope avid collectors and community members can begin participating in our staking program, explore the M○C△ ecosystem further, and continue cultivating their Metaverse identity.

Community Ladder Reward Distribution

Phase 1: Kick-Off Rewards

In Phase 1, we’ll be distributing 33,333 $moca tokens, split retroactively between 2021’s top-10 activated NFT Projects, starting from when our Member’s Pass launched in August and going until the end of 2021. We hope to give communities ample time to mobilize themselves, engage with MOCA, and earn the biggest chunk of total rewards in 2021. An example calculation for Phase 1: Project #1 on the Ladder receives 25% of 33.333 $MOCA which equals 8333 $MOCA tokens that are currently worth around ~$30k assuming a price of $3,50 per token. So get moving! There’s a big chunk of $MOCA up for those who want it.

Phase 2: Monthly Rewards

Phase 2 starts in January 2022 and will last 12 months. A total of $66,666 $MOCA tokens (5,555 per month) will be distributed monthly until the end of December 2022. We want to reward arts-focused and engaging defi/NFT projects with the most activations, and so we’ll continue dividing rewards throughout the top-10 most activated projects. Here’s a more substantial breakdown of reward distribution throughout both Phases 1 and 2:

Reward Distribution Across the Top 10

Community Ladder Rank | Percentage of Distribution

  • 1 | 25%
  • 2 | 20%
  • 3 | 15%
  • 4 | 11%
  • 5 | 9%
  • 6 | 6%
  • 7 | 5%
  • 8 | 4%
  • 9 | 3%
  • 10 | 2%

How Does Activation Work?

It’s simple. Users can “activate” up to 10 NFTs per day. This free, gasless Polygon transaction does not remove NFTs from your wallet, but uploads them into the Community Collection, where they can be viewed and interacted with by collectors and artists all over the world. Activation triggers a 24-hour cooldown, after which the next batch of NFTs can be activated. The total number of a project’s activated NFTs propels them up the community ladder.

Just a Few Clicks to Activate NFTs

  1. Visit
  2. Login, and go to your Member’s Pass in the upper-right corner (everyone is a member!!).
  3. Click “Activate NFTs,” select max 10 NFTs, then sign the transaction.
  4. Curate your NFTs within the Member’s Pass to express yourself inside and outside of your community, engage with likeminded collectors, and rocket your favorite projects up the leaderboard.
  5. Be handsomely rewarded.
The Community Ladder today has BlockArt, SuperRare, MakersPlace, KnownOrigin, & Artvatars in the Top 5

Thoughts? Ideas? Find us here:



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